Nutrifaster G160 Wheatgrass Juicer


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Nutrifaster N450 Parts Diagram

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Note: The pushers are 2 ½ x 2”.  The N450 tamper is 1/4” longer than the 350. 

NOTE:  The model number would be either on the back sticker above the power cord or on the front sticker.

In Australia Ruby trademarked the Nutrifaster name and sells the Ruby under the name Nutrifaster.

Australians might think they need Nutrifaster parts, but they may really have a Ruby juicer.  The Ruby blades and baskets have pins that they sit on and that is how you differentiate.  Also the Ruby blades have 8 blades and Nutrifaster has 16 blades.  

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Nutrifaster N350/N450 Parts

DESCRIPTION           STOCK NO.            PRICE

BASKET N350/N450                      105     $209.00 

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

CUTTER PLATE, 16 BLADES        108     $209.00    

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450) 

SHREDDER PLATE                        108-1    $219.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450) 

INTERLOCK SWITCH                       111    $179.00    


(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

INTERLOCK MOUNT                        111-1   $69.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

JUICE PAN                                            112    $255.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

PULP TUBE                                          125       $69.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

FOOD PUSHER FOR N450             126-3   $81.99

FOOD PUSHER FOR N350             126-2   $81.99


FOOD PUSHER FOR N350             126-1   $81.99



WRENCH                                              130       $64.99

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

SHAFT SEAL                                        133       $32.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

THUMB SCREW                                 151       $29.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

LATCH & STRIKE                              121       $64.00


(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

BEARING REPLACEMENT            993-1    $54.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

MOTOR INSTALL KIT                123-k1   $725.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

RUBBER FOOT                                   127      $52.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

POWER SWITCH                                129      $64.00


(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

POWER CORD                                  132-1     $46.99

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

STRAIN RELIEF                                  134       $42.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

HUB WITH SCREWS                         109       $79.99

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

CLEAN CUT JUICER CLEANER      999       $79.00

(6 LBS.)  

TOP                                                        TOP    $799.00

(SPECIFY N350 OR N450)

Nutri-faster G160 Parts



If your credit card isn’t working online, we can take a PHONE ORDER.


If your credit card isn’t working online, we can take a PHONE ORDER.


If your credit card isn’t working online, we can take a PHONE ORDER.


If your credit card isn’t working online, we can take a PHONE ORDER.

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Nutrifaster N450

Commercial Juice Extractor!

Maximize profits and capitalize on the health and nutrition revolution by serving fresh juice from your Nutrifaster ® N450 Commercial Juicer!

•3450 RPM, Produces a quart or glass of juice in seconds!

•Juices both fruits and vegetables and leafy greens

•Perfect for commercial and home use!

•Easy to use and clean. And quiet!

•Immediate pulp ejection for non-stop juicing

•Heavy-duty construction for professional use

•Two cutter plate configurations available (patented 16 blades or shredder)

•110 Volts/60 Hz (also available in 220v/50HzP

•1056 Watts

•Height: 18.5”, Diameter: 12”, Weight 72 lbs.

•Feeding Tube opening approximately 2.5” x 1.75”

•Pulp Discharge Tube diameter: 3.75”

•Power, durability, and ease of use make the N450 Nutrifaster Commercial Juice Extractor a perfect fit for any business establishment’s juice bar.

•1 year warranty from the manufacturer Nutrifaster

Your customers realize that fresh juice is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and the Nutrifaster ® N450 Commercial Juicer is a leader in the health & nutrition field.

Nutrifaster's N450 Commercial Juicer is engineered for heavy-duty commercial use. It is ideal for juice bars, health clubs, spas, restaurants and institutions -- any place where fresh juice is in demand. The powerful 1.25HP motor and stainless steel juicing parts are engineered for years of trouble-free high-volume juicing.

Nutrifaster N450 Juicer

$2,495.00 online

$2,399.00 (no merchant fees) cash/check via mail


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G160 WheatGrass Juice Extractor!

Join the millions of people who have discovered the benefits of one of nature's greatest gifts... WheatGrass! 

Maximize profits while promoting a healthy lifestyle by serving fresh wheat grass juice from your Nutrifaster ® G160 WheatGrass Juicer!

Nutrifaster's G160 WheatGrass Juicer has been engineered for heavy-duty commercial use and is ideal for Juice Bars, Health Clubs, Spas, Restaurants, and Institutions -- any place fresh juice is in demand.

Each part has been designed for ease of use and maximum juice yield. The motor and parts are engineered for years of reliable, high-volume juicing. The UL approved motor housing makes for a professional, commercial look that will attract customers to wheatgrass juice.

We can take a PHONE ORDER too.